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Manufacturers of Kitchen Appliances, Trader and suppliers for Kitchen Equipment, Electrical Choppers and Blenders.

We will target and as the community has a demand of eating places, cafeterias, restaurants – we will enter the commercial market and market the spread of our products.

Choppers and blenders are a good fit for residential use, we will tie up with major mall suppliers like CostCo, No Frills, Local convenience stores and shops newer areas for shelving our products. As they are good pick in Indian Market. We would particularly tie up with construction firms/realtor to help understand the modular kitchen set up cost and trend. So, we will have our associate supplier overseas help us enter designing area for housing sector as well and which would increase the profitability too.

We provide High Quality products and affordable prices with sustained durability.
We will target restaurant owners, cooking enthusiasts and specialty shops in Canada.
We tend to move our business from Domestic platform to international level with new incorporation done in Ontario.
We will provide consumer and business owner “It’sfor Life” Blender and Max mixers. Free replacement as the we know the quality and branding is well defined.
We would target market – LOWER END BLENDERs for adult with families age 30 – 50, are middle to upper class who love to cook and bake. Primarily women, the target market is looking for reasonable priced kitchen appliances that will help them whether making dinner or a birthday cake. This category pends a lot of their free time enjoying cooking. They are very enthusiastic about the product use.
We would market in cooking magazines specially shelved at Sobeys, Loblaws, Longos and other home shopping stores.
The Upper end blenders is middle to upper class like owner of restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, smoothie shops and shops using blenders. We encourage this segment by providing free illustrations and on location training sessions. It helpd a brand with product improvements if they use our products.
Quality is the utmost importance for our Superline Global Canada Inc. Business.

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